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Twenty-three now, I guess. 

[She sounds far more casual than she probably should about a birthday, but then again, that's Tifa. Plus, it's a birthday in Luceti and she's not sure it exactly counts as a chronological birthday, since she doesn't feel twenty-three.]

I'm glad it's always getting warmer by the time my birthday rolls around. Better way to celebrate it, I think.

[And no one can hear her thoughts, either! Awesome. As she has nothing much else to say to the population of Luceti at large, and really only had the journal open out of absent mindedness, she closes it up. She's used to not making a big deal out of birthdays, not since she was a teenager.]

[ooc: SO IT'S TOTALLY STILL THE 3RD OF MAY... SOMEWHERE. idk yeah backdated a bit. I didn't forget until now, no!]
Tags: another year bites the dust, look it's a birthday!, sort of nostalgic
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